How to Thrive Tech Talent War in Your Customer Centricity Journey

  • 21 April 2023
  • Blog

Your customer-centricity relies upon being proactive in attracting the right talent, training to tailor the talent for the business, and retaining top talent in the long run. Having the right talent is the focus of every business where technology is becoming mission-critical. In this situation, the war for tech talent is fiercer than ever, spreading to new dimensions with the ongoing recession.

Employers have been reshuffling the talent deck since last year to keep the most desirable resources. Meanwhile, robotics and artificial intelligence are displacing some jobs, and talented professionals are painfully forced into a cutthroat market. Even though painful, the end outcome might benefit both parties in the long run and help define remarkable potential.

The extent of essential technical skill mastery that each role requires varies. Hence the employer should open the aperture beyond technical skills and define candidates properly when hiring. Well-planned training and development can add much value to the right candidate. 

Never let geography stand in the way if you want the top talent. Wherever exceptional talent is identified, employ it. They won’t simply say thank you; if you let them follow their ideal careers, they will also benefit their community and serve as role models for others. “Motivation is less about employees doing great work and more about employees feeling great about their work.” – Harvard Business Review.

Let diversity bring colour to the pool of talent. Diversity in this context means identifying and empowering a diverse group of people with various origins, experiences, and skills. Examples of individuals who can make a big difference include neurodiverse experts who might favor the secure yet adaptable work environment offered by remote work.

Not everything is about money, but a good salary is still significant. Still, when you ask ambitious IT professionals about their priorities, some would say that they prefer the option with the highest pay. However, passion, flexibility, and work-life balance have become far greater drivers of employee satisfaction. According to surveys, 80% of respondents stated they would gladly switch professions regardless of the pay if a more exciting and demanding opportunity presented itself. 

Organizational Culture matters the most regarding top talent retention. Superstars aren’t likely to stick around if the firm doesn’t uphold the ideals it claims to believe in. Thus, keep it real. Creating a strong and empowering corporate culture is much more than a free outing or a gym package. It’s about having open and honest communication with corporate leadership, getting feedback frequently and constructively, and feeling like you have visibility into all company areas, stability, and job security. The only way to foster a thriving culture is by developing transparent processes. Thankfully, IT professionals are adept at doing that.

The battle for talent in tech has already entered its next stage. However, if you can get into employees’ shoes and think you can win!